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    Dalton Different

    Hi all, Thank you for the feedback. We will review potential improvements to the knowledge base search functionality. 

    For recent changes, you can view and follow our release notes here: 

    @Kathy Sechrist - We have made changes to the Google Shopping Feed integration and updated the support article to reflect the new instructions:

    Google Merchant feeds generated now support SFTP

    Due to notice from Google Merchant Center, all feeds will now be generated for using SFTP instead of FTP as they are deprecating their FTP feeds in September of 2023. Here's a guide from Google on how to setup your new feed. If you are currently using our Google Merchant feed, we highly recommend you setup a trial with DataFeedWatch by which is integrated with Cart Storefront for even more controls and access to over 2,000+ channels. 

  • colin

    I totally agree! my solution to this has been to subscribe to the forums I want to keep tabs on, and let Gmail sort them for me. its not perfect but its better.

  • Joshua Artman

    I would also like to be able to say, only search Feature Request, only Search KB, only search updates, etc.  Sometimes I know I saw a feature request or update about something, but when I try to use search I can almost never find it.  I end up having to page through and manually look for it.


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