2023.1 Release 1



  • colin

    yay very excited about the "Payment links can now bypass order limits" bit!

  • Karen

    Now, will these "New Rules for Discounts" also allow the ability to EXCLUDE specific product statuses, i.e. if we *don't* want "special order" items to be discounted? Asking for a friend...

    ALSO: when will this update be applied?

  • Jack Cravy

    Hey Karen, 

    The new feature will provide the ability for brands to select these rule types and operators for discount rules:

    • Product status (default to variant if you use variant inventory and fallback to master product if you don’t)

      • equal to

      • not equal to

    • Product inventory (default to variant if you use variant inventory and fallback to master product if you don’t)

      • Greater than

      • Less than

    We anticipate rolling out 2023.1 this week but it may take a few weeks to be applied to all our storefronts as we harden/fix any issues that could arise in the process. If you contact support and request an earlier update, they can prioritize your site in our queue. 

  • Joshua Artman

     Sitemaps can be generated by calling the SitemapGenerator.aspx page which can be found in your store by navigating to yourdomain.com/store/sitemapgenarator.aspx. 

    FYI: We have a test Cart.com store setup that is running version 2023.1.315.3, but when I try to go to /store/sitemapgenarator.aspx on the test domain, it is throwing a 404 error.  

  • Jack Cravy

    Hey Joshua, I just tested on your store and it seems to be working as expected. Could you create a ticket if issue persists?

  • Mason Young

    Has anyone been able to get Datafeedwatch to work?  We are trying to use them but the feed is not working. The folks at Datafeedwatch don't seem to know what the issue is. A bit frustrating as they are both Cart companies and the service is supposed to work seamlessly. 

  • Jack Cravy

    Instructions for our Datafeedwatch integration can be found here: https://help.datafeedwatch.com/article/hngne56iij-adding-americommerce 

    I'll reach out to our support team at DFW and see where you might be getting hung up.

  • Jack Cravy

    Hey Mason, looks like that issue is now resolved. If there's any feedback you'd have on improvements to the integration once you're up and rolling, please speak up! 


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