Status Update: Admin Users Unable to Login - May 20th, 2024

New blogs post should default as hidden.




  • Official comment
    Travis Musgrave

    Hey everyone - we'll be adjusting the behavior to default blogs publishing behavior to be a 'Draft' but also allow you to publish immediately or at a date/time in the future.

  • Brian Gluck

    I agree

  • Joel

    Not only does it not default to hidden, I believe it sends an email out to subscribers by default. We disabled that email, but still, it's rare that a blog post is ready to go with one save.

  • Brian Gluck

    seems like such an easy fix and I have no idea why anyone would prefer it the way it is over defaulting to hidden (or at least giving us the option to set hide by default)


    its easy to overlook (ive done it several times) but we've just got to train ourselves to hit hide checkbox before saving the first draft.


    default hidden would be my preference

  • John Beech

    Great to learn this is being addressed. Well done.

  • Travis Musgrave

    We just got this done and will be rolling it out in a few weeks.

  • John Beech

    That's great news, Travis, well done! Thank you (or was it someone else? If so, thank them on our behalf).


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