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Update Total of order when order saved - I know, it sounds like a joke




  • Trevor Gonzales

    I can be on board with this.

    The "Update Totals" buttons are not highly visible to users. Matter of fact, its been over two years using AC and no matter how many times I remind co-workers, they still tag the "Save" button 🤦‍♂️ this causes order issues.

    I suggest AC either replace [ Save ] with [ Update & Save ]. Or to avoid running an unnecessary calculations, perhaps listen for input events on fields that effect totals. When fired, change  [ Save ] button to [ Update & Save ]

    Just spit balling here, but should definitely be addressed.

  • Ricardo Gomez

    Funny thing, I recently commented on a 6 years old post stating that Americommerce should switch to Event Listeners as when an order is updated the Payment total is not updated either, sometimes causing the wrong amount to be charged.

    This was a feature request from 6 years ago Payments: Auto Update to Match Amount on Payments (2)

    I hope they can address it, it's actually quite simple with Event Listeners as you mentioned


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