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Need to allow Will-Call pickup selection from website



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    Joshua Artman

    We had issues with this at first as well, but you can setup custom shipping methods and not have them sort with rest of the shipping list.  You just need to set the sort on those custom shipping methods on  Settings > Shipping > General. Scroll down to the custom shipping method section on the General Shipping settings page and set a sort of like 999:


    That being said it would be nice if there was a built in way to offer will call/store pickup for different store locations and have the system treat that as the ship to. 

    We are located in Oregon, so we do not have sales taxes.  If a customer from out of state chooses in store pickup, the system currently charges them sales tax based upon the state they are located in and we have to remove the sales tax charge manually. 

    We also have some items that can be picked up from our dropshippers warehouses either for free or at a fixed charge, but there is not an easy way to configure that currently. For example, we have one dropship supplier that has warehouses in CA and PA that offer pickup on car sheet metal, like car hoods and fenders for a flat $25 pickup fee.  This is a lot more cost effective for customers in those areas to come pick up those parts rather than trying to ship those parts.

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    Ricardo Gomez

    Actually there is a way to do it, this is the way we did it. We created a Rule in the "will-call" shipping method that is assigned to the warehouse and to a region. You have to create a region specific to the warehouse so any orders with the shipping address that falls in the region you can assign $0.00 Will call option, see attached screen shot.

    In the rules you could set up that the flat fee of $25 for your CA and PA warehouses

    Americommerce support is not that great so I figure I can help too by posting what we did :)

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