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UPS Worldwide Economy


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    Joshua Artman

    Hi Brett,

    I asked our International UPS Rep about UPS Worldwide Economy (WWE) and his response was:

    This [UPS Worldwide Economy] is the corporation adding a service they already have (MI) into the old iParcel solution.  Literally the same as MI, but higher costs (20% higher on average).

    I also asked him if the rates were available via the UPS API:

    Are UPS Worldwide Economy rates available via the UPS Rating API?  No, not at this time.

    I then asked if there are ANY advantages to WWE over Mail Innovations, here is his response:

    Honestly, the only advantage WWE has is the revenue would contribute to your SMPK tiers.  The rates are higher (on average, about 20%), you would be responsible for the inbound cost to my facility, and there’s not much customer support.  Also, depending on the software you use, they have some integration issues. 

    If you think your revenue utilizing WWE would help your overall UPS tiers, let’s definitely discuss further.  If not, there would be no advantage.

    So currently there is no way for AmeriCommerce to add the rate lookup for WWE or Mail Innovations, although our rep did say that Mail Innovations International is tentatively slated to be added to the UPS Rating API in mid to late 2021, so WWE rates may become available at the same time.  So once that becomes available via the UPS API, AmeriCommerce would be able to add it to the UPS rates lookup.

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