Credit Card Zip Code (If different from billing zip)




  • Brian Gluck

    The billing address in the checkout is the address associated with the credit card. If employees use their own card then the billing address on the order would be their address.

    This is how credit card processors handle "billing address" and use their address verification service (AVS)

  • Juli Weber

    It is only the billing ZIP CODE that is necessary if an employee uses their personal credit card.  The billing address still needs to be the company, not the employee.  My customer, (the owner of the website) doesn't make the actual credit card transaction until the order is ready to ship.  Perhaps that is an unique situation that no one else faces. 

  • Joshua Artman

    With the credit card processor we use, you can not just supply a different billing zip code you must supply the entire billing address of the credit card being used, or the transactions do not pass the AVS tests. 

    Technically if an employee is paying with their personal card, then the employee is the one being billed for it, not the company it is being shipped to. 

  • Alex Ruff

    The order's billing address and zip code refers to the statement billing address for the card that is being used and it needs to be the same as the address and zip code that the credit card's statement is mailed to so the AVS system will approve the payment. There are exceptions to this such as if the AVS settings at your payment processor are set to not look at the billing address or zip code and allow the authorization to go through no matter what the billing address or zip code are, however, for security reasons this rarely ever set up this way. Another exception is that some cards allow adding additional faux "billing" addresses to the card because some merchants will only ship to billing addresses and this way a buyer can get an order delivered to their vacation house or other address that the card's billing statement is not mailed to.


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