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    AmeriCommerce Developer


    Thanks for the feature request!

    I would like to point out that our median first reply time for support tickets is 30 minutes; so submitting tickets for most issues is still a very fast way to get help. If it takes longer, its usually because we're investigating or researching the best possible solution for you. Sometimes we will reply right away and let you know we're looking into things; however, there are some cases where we feel its better to wait to reply until we have something concrete to reply about. 

    Even still, Support Chat would be pretty sweet. There's been discussion about enabling live chat for support; however, we haven't made the decision to pull the trigger on it just yet (we haven't ruled it out either). 

    We'll definitely take the feedback from this thread into consideration when making a decision. 

    -- Austin
    Support Manager

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    Looks like you have already started to implement this feature, Awesome! I'm sure this will be very beneficial to store owners in the future.



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