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Free shipping promotion - can't do it still (PD-16434)



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    AmeriCommerce Developer


    Thanks for the submission. 

    Our discount engine can definitely offer free shipping. The discount can be available to all shipping methods or specific methods as desired. 

    It sounds like the challenge here is offering free shipping on a single product while at the same time charging shipping on the other products in the customer's cart. This is also possible. One way is with breakout shipping; however the software is powerful enough to accomplish this in a few different ways. I'm going to go ahead and create you a support ticket so that we can work it together. I'm confident we can come up with a workable solution for you. 


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    Michael Poindexter

    I agree with Kathy.  I would like to set up free shipping for a product list, manufacturer, category, etc when you reach a certain dollar and/or quantity of the matched items.  The problem is when you add items outside of the criteria it either applies the discount to them or wipes out the discount completely.  You need to have certain shipping discounts to act as "stand-alone" discounts like breakout shipping. 

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    Kathy Sechrist

    Yes, still not happy with options for offering free shipping. In the REALLY old platform (retired 8 years ago?) there was a robust rule engine for shipping that allowed this and all sorts of stuff. I really hate when "updated software" means you lose functionality....  Sitewide free shipping with a minimum purchase is easy enough, but product-specific free shipping is nearly impossible, and every solution I've seen is ugly.

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