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Accept Coupon Codes from Admin Order Editor (27)




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    AmeriCommerce Accounting Team
    This will be included in the Order Editor rewrite which we are getting underway now. It is on our mockups of this page which you are welcome to review and comment on as well.
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    Brian Gluck
    This is crucial in order for phone operators to make use of any discoutns built into the system (ie, free items, free shipping, discounts, etc). Otherwise web custoemrs are forced to place order via the web in order tp receove promos, and some may need to place via the telephone (special order items, etc). Also, coupons fields needs to be hidden on checkout page, but still available to phone oprtators to make this really work, since visitors can get disocunts via adcodes, but operators cant apply adcodes on the backened to make discount work.
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    I agree, this is a crucial piece for our business. We are a catalog/e-retailer and take a lot of phone calls. Our phone operators must be able to enter campaign codes for phone customers.
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    Pier Posthumus
    Indeed, a salesperson should be able to take ANY action to an order that a visiting customer can take.
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    Nice bling Posthumus! :) I'd like to see this rolled out to all AC users. 30% of our customer base flat-out refuse to use credit cards. We've seen a bit of an uptick in cash and personal checks since the economy took a dive last year.
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    AmeriCommerce Accounting Team
    We added to 2010.4 for free. Love the price right!

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