Enable Image Resizer on Category and Manufacturer Images (4)




  • Heather Hicks
    I use category and manufacturer pages extensively for SEO purposes and as a way of further communicating with my customers. I've always wondered why I had to resize photos manually for these pages.
  • Edward Sturrock
    Thanks Heather, I agree, let me throw some votes to this too. You can always manually reference our resizer (it's handy and cool like that) but having it built in for those pages is a nice bonus. it was left out initially because those images are typically small, and didn't need resizing, but I like using the resizer to enforce 'consistency' and quick resizing across the app personally and I think this will be a nice benefit.
  • Rumley, Luke
    Your image resizer is the coolest feature of AmeriCommerce. Oh, and the ability to charge credit cards. But seriously, LOVE the image resizer! :)

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