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Loader image on place order button. (100)




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    Edward Sturrock
    This feature is available in 2014.5+. The trick was trying to do it in a way everyone did not have to visit their theme and add new stuff to it, which is now complete. It just works and the spinner style can be overridden as well. Thanks for the idea everyone.
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    AmeriCommerce Accounting Team
    I'm not sure I understand what you mean, can you clarify or give a quick example?
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    AmeriCommerce Accounting Team
    Would love to know more about this.
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    Steven Howland
    I like this idea. Basically, a little animation window that pops up and shows a progress bar until the order completed page is returned.
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    This is common on many sites; it indicates clearly to the user that the cart is loading and prevents them from pressing the 'complete' button multiple times, resulting in multiple orders
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    Craig Gilmore
    It could just be the in process dial that spins while something is loading that is part of standard C#/visual basic tools. Just something that shows they correctly clicked on checkout button and prevents a duplicate order from being entered - that is the purpose of this - stop duplicate orders from double clicks on checkout button.
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    Donald Schapper
    Anything that stops customer confusion is needed and this is a good idea.
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    Philip Krynsky
    Adding this basic feature could reduce cart abandonment. It has a lot of votes, maybe it should not take five years to implement?

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