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    Edward Sturrock
    We've completed this in 2013.5+, it has moderation tools, question and answers with ratings and upvotes! It even allows you to place the Q&A widget on ANY page, content, product, category, etc. etc. This is GREAT for user generated content and for engaging your customers at a deep level. It also builds great SEO juice!
  • Steve Hull
    Interesting idea. more like ebay questions i guess
  • Edward Sturrock
    Thinking about adding an integration to Disqus as a quicker way to get this in play. That is a separate vote, so if you like that better vote for it.
  • Edward Sturrock
    Here is the Disqus feature if this is more to your liking. They are both sound ideas, the Disqus idea is just newer and faster to implement.
  • Mark Washburn
    I'm seeing this more and more on established ecommerce sites and have used it myself in a few cases. I agree that Disqus would probably be quick but I like the look of your customer reviews and would personally like to see something built into the AmeriCommerce suite. And I agree too that the seo benefit would be useful.
  • george
    This MUST be visible for seo/Google
  • Scott McKirahan
    Yep, Disqus could do this easily and if it makes it faster to implement than developing an Americommerce-specific application, I say go for it! Great for SEO!
  • Permanently deleted user
    Looking forward to my upgrade and a chance to check this out! Today has been a good day for getting voting points back.. thanks for the updates!

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