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Global Variants / Variant "Kits" (24)



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    This would be a HUGE time saver for us, as well as a reduction in possible errors.
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    Edward Sturrock
    I've wanted this as well, we kinda call it 'Global Variants' or 'Global Options' The swatches for variants can be global today, but the variants have to be on each product though. The only tricky part to this one is that variant inventory, variant displays, order edit, searching and more all are tied into this along with a few other systems like carting and the API.
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    Jeff DeLaCruz
    Please God, Please.
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    It's been 5 years, what are they waiting for?
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    Discontinued Decals
    This is one of our main issues. Please!
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    John Gibbens

    I see this was a few years ago, has it happened? Would be such a time saver!


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