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    Edward Sturrock
    This has been completed. Let us know if there is something about the canonical tags that are not optimal. They were recently switched to absolute urls to follow best practices too.
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    This is long overdue in my opinion. Glad to see it.
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    Janet Gregoire
    "...allow search engines to crawl these URLs, but mark them as duplicates by using the rel="canonical" link element..."
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    Danny Louie
    This is already possible. Mark your home page with a custom tag such as "homepage". In your custom head section, use a conditional statement. If custom tag of "homepage" then show your Canonical statement ELSE show blank.
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    @Dan: Unfortunately, a website's homepage is not the only page benefiting from the canonical tag. Having to manually add canonical tags to each page is a tedious one. Using a spreadsheet to upload product tags works fine the first time, however each ne
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    The Canonical Tag feature in 2013.2 will only use relative URL's. Please vote to include the option of using Absolute URL's within AC's Canonical Tags:

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