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Let Google host jQuery files - to Save Bandwidth (22)




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    Edward Sturrock
    You can set your front end jquery path on the theme currently to pull from google or other cdn's.
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    Opting-in on the Admin dashboard would replace the file references that currently exist.
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    Can't you already do this by linking to the javascript files in the header section of the theme?
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    Yes, you can add these calls to the Store > Global Theme Settings > Head Tags, however it does not remove the hard-coded calls to the existing files. /store/inc/jquery.ui.js /store/inc/jquery.js The goal is to reduce the bandwidth on our servers while making the user experience more reliable and faster.
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    @Dave Would there be an option to remove all jQuery references? Therefore allowing a different/custom library without loading the default? (Or does the shopping cart system rely on the jquery library to function)
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    Danny Louie
    I love speed. Any body tested this to see if you can notice a difference? Also, is it risky to rely on Google for this on a commercial site? I know it's Google but it's free so they don't have to keep the service at 100%. I suggest an area in the admin panel which allows you to overwrite the Jquery reference in the code. You can then grab the Jquery file from Google, your own CDN, or another location you want. This also allows you to use any Jquery version you want such as a newer version. A message can say "Change at Your Own Risk." as if you don't include a valid Jquery file some functions won't work on your site. The admin panel of course would use the default Jquery by AC. Also, if it's possible to merge any of the other scripts together, that would be great for speed improvement as there will be less Http requests.

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