Prevent order from syncing to Amerisync (with a column indicator) (3)



  • Kathy Sechrist
    I'm just getting started with AC and have only done some testing with amerisync - i thought it imported when the item shipped? anyway, i'm trying to figure out how to keep COD orders from importing until it's paid - this might do it but I'm not sure.
  • Systems Operations
    Leave the order unpaid. In the case that AmeriSync is defaulting to send orders as invoices set the override on order edit at bottom to sales receipt, that way the order won’t sync over as an invoice. This will keep the order in an open status and you may even want to add a temporary open order status to distinguish these orders from the rest so it is easier to come back later when you are ready to revert this workaround and have the order sync over to Quickbooks.

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