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    AmeriCommerce Developer
    Good news! We've added an eBay integration to our 2015.4 release that lets you push products and sync orders! Read more about it here: We'd love to get your feedback on this!
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    Crystal Stinson
    Integrating with Solid Commerce can allow products to be listed on E-Bay, Amazon, and with inventory updates back to Americommerce when items are sold from other channels.
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    I'm very keen to see ebay integration - not just for inventory, but also centralizing all orders generated by our ebay store into our AC order management console.
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    Another option: AC could partner with an ebay API specialist like: - work with them to integrate with the AC API, and then offer it to the AC community on a subscription program i.e. $20 per month?
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    Shoe Seller
    I looked at after ORTT note, It seems they do have a system that can take your products and list to eBay and even Amazon! I will try their system and will post a note how it works...
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    I'm revisiting this functionality again. 1/ AC any update on where this sits on the dev timeline? 2/ Has anyone in the AC community gone it alone and found a good ebay/AC solution which handles inventory and order sync back to AC?

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