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Provide Multi-Currency Support (42)



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    Herman Galindez
    A simple dropdown would suffice. Whether we have to manually adjust currency conversion rates or if tied into a site such as XE, this feature is needed as we attribute 20% of our sales to Europe and Australasia.
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    It is a basic feature for international companies and it should be added asap if the cart wants to be stronger at international market.
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    We have locations in the USA and Canada. We would love to have our Canadian website with SparkPay, but unfortunately SparkPay does not support integration with CanadaPost nor any Canada based shipping companies like UPS Canada...AND no multi-currency. Please provide these feature so we can have our Canadian store with you! Thanks!
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    John Robson
    Good luck with that! This feature has been open since Jan 2011, but at the rate Spark Pay implements features, this feature won't happen for many years at least and your asking too much if you expect them to implement Canada shipping options too. Don't believe me, just look at the top voted feature with the most votes that has been open since 2010, it takes a decade to implement a top feature:

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