Make shipping method a required field in order edit / new order (18)



  • Kathy Sechrist
    I'd like to see this go one step further and make the shipping field empty but required when the customer checks out as well. The system right now defaults to the least expensive shipping option, which in my case is "free local pickup". Even after changing "choose shipping" text on the checkout page to be in bold red lettering, we still have customers overlook this and place an order with "local pickup" even though they are hundreds of miles away - it happens at least once or twice a day (it was happening 6 - 8 times a day before I changed the text to bold red). Make the drop-down default to an empty field, make the field required, then the customer will be forced to actually choose a shipping method.
  • Kathy Sechrist
    I just upped my votes on this because this is killing us. 3 orders today (and it's still early) where they've overlooked the shipping option. This needs to be a field that customers are REQUIRED to look at, otherwise I'm sure it's often not the shipping method they really wanted (and in my case, it's an impossible shipping option since they're not going to drive 500 miles to pick up an order).
  • Anne Valenzuela
    Just a note here - I have stores that are eProduct only. There is no shipping. If shipping is a required field, I am sunk. If you implement this one, think about an opt-out for those of us who have electronic product only. Thanks!

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