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2 custom URL's if your running more than 1 store (34)




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    AmeriCommerce Developer
    We've added a way to do this via our Linked Products feature! Read more here: Essentially this feature allows you to link products together for the purpose of inventory tracking, but to have distinct info across multiple stores. Thanks for the idea!
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    I agree that custom URL's for products shared between stores needs to be unique when having multiple stores. I also agree that allowing one additional URL per store, per product makes sense. Since A.C. offers and charges for multi-store capability, then this should be an included function.
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    John Robson
    It's amazing this feature has been open since the beginning of 2011! This is a MUST have feature. Americommerce told me the only way around this is to open a whole new store, not using multi-stores, which is a joke for their multi-store capabilities not being able to truly have custom url's for multi-stores is a major setback with their software. This feature also needs to include truly custom URL's for Categories as well, which have the same problem as Products, in not being able to use the same category Custom URL's between stores, unless you use ALL the same categories between multi-stores which is often not the case when using multi-stores. This is a very limiting setback with Americommerce's Multi-Store software! They told me they would have to completely reconfigure & upgrade their entire software to make this a possibility which would likely easily run into the 5 figures.
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