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Integrate Checkout by Amazon (74)




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    What part of Amazon...? Product Ads? S3? CloudFront? Fullfillment? Checkout? Selling on Amazon via product uploads?
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    seller central - upload products, transfer orders
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    Steven Howland
    Yes, integration with my Amazon seller central account would be great. Need the ability to mark what items are to be sold on Amazon and set Amazon pricing.
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    also integrate amazon payment api into payment modules
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    Would like to see integration with Amazon storefront so I can manually select items from Americommerce to automatically feed to my Amazon Store
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    Amy Gardner
    We'd like to have integration w/ Amazon Marketplace directly from Americommerce. You can do this now with GoDataFeed, but its got limited functionality and a monthly fee. Amazon payment (similar to Google Checkout) would be great too.
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    Edward Sturrock
    Thanks Dave, this is too ambiguous of a post unfortunately, we need to break these up into individual options, one for each of Amazon's main products. Each product is a fundamentally different integration. With that, we do have good news, Amazon Payments is almost complete and will be included VERY soon.
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    Edward Sturrock
    We are complete with the Checkout by Amazon integration. Amazon is rolling it out slowly and taking customers by request only at this time.

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