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Ability to merge customer records and keep order/email history (22)




  • Official comment
    Jack Cravy

    Now available in 2021.5!

  • Margo Gover
    this is needed. Many place orders and create new accounts who knows why - forgot their account log in password and seems easier for them to just register again. Or in some cases, account is issued by corporate and the employee looses info... there for goes to place their order and creates a new account.
  • Kristin
    Yes, I have this same problem!
  • Joshua Artman

    It is really frustrating when a customer ends up with 2 (or more) accounts and contacts us to merge their accounts and there is no easy way to accomplish this....

  • Gary Vaterlaus

    Any word on the customer merging? I would really like this feature.

  • Angela Stelly

    So would I!  We just went live with AC, and the platform we just left from had this feature and I miss it already!

  • Barbara

    This would be so helpful.  I have so many accounts for one person.  Then I try to upload it to my accounting software & it make a new account there as we.. So in 2 software programs, I have 3 accounts.  Very frustrating!

  • Brian Whitney

    Definitely need this, it happens way too often and there is no easy fix.

  • Jan Dunlop

    This is still needed


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