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Free shipping on per item basis (32) (PD-16434)



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    Ron Crittenden
    I think most of us would appreciate a way to designate free shipping for an item and let the other methods remain. For instance, I use Fed Ex. So I would like to offer ground free, but have 2 day, etc., an option at extra cost and show just as it normally would. This is a major hassle for me. Some items are free ground, some are a set price, some charge shipping.
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    Kathy Sechrist
    There is at least one other suggestion that is almost identical to this one - - this suggestion is 3 years old. I can't believe we can't do this.
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    Corey Donovan
    I would use all of my votes on this one if I could. There are some expensive items I can't offer free shipping on (they're huge) and some cheap ones I can. The current setup where you designate free shipping options by price doesn't make sense to us. I'd like to be able to select it by product and shipping type. It's also important to only select it for certain shipping types (such as ground). Our customers will sometimes forego the free shipping option and choose an expedited one instead such as overnight or 2day. Thanks!!
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    Kathy Sechrist
    I removed a vote from something else to max out at 3 here - wish I had more. I have competitors that are killing me with free shipping - I still cannot find a way to offer free shipping on specific items while still allowing the customer to buy upgraded shipping if they wish. My competitors can. I actually DID find a convoluted way to do this with a small, lightweight item, but it won't work for heavier items. AC - please let fix FREE SHIPPING BY ITEM options - don't make us do it your way or no way.

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