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Improve API Documentation (36)



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    @Rich: Do you feel the API documentation would be more robust if customers and developers were permitted to contribute to an AC Wiki?
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    Rich Rodecker
    I think that would be a great way for users to share info, but even ahead of that, I think we need more info on the actual item types, the parameters, etc. to get up to speed on using the API quicker.
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    Blake Petersen
    I fully agree with Rich. I think AC really needs to extend their documentation and cover all means of accessing the API. The getting started doc gets you going fine if you use C#/VS to make edits, and that's great, but simply noting that the API is platform agnostic and not actually providing some quick-start examples for those is pretty disappointing. As far as contributing to a Wiki, that might be a good option, but there is an API section of the Forums that has just four posts. I feel us developers should start using that as a means of providing some sort of documentation to lost developers. I am a big fan of blazing trails on forums and keeping the thread open and available for others to use. Since it's already there, might as well make it useful and we won't have to wait for voting & development & documentation population before we get some info aggregated to help with API integration.

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