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Allow customer to delete saved cart from their account (7)



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    Joshua Artman
    We had one customer retrieve their saved cart and delete every item from the cart and the cart stayed in their account with nothing in it. That did not make a very happy customer. If at very least the system hid empty saved carts we could offer an option to customers that wanted them to not show in their account any longer.
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    Emily Witherspoon
    I find it surprising that this would even be a feature request. Am I missing the logic - that logic being when you delete a saved cart it goes away - maybe an are you sure Q. Yes, No at most before the deletion. Seems logical to me?
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    Joshua Artman
    The problem is, there currently is NO way to delete a saved cart, period. A customer can not delete a cart they have saved, ever, for any reason. The only way it can be removed from their account is for them to go through checkout.
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    Carol Mackin
    I am b2b and I wish I could use this feature cas a Pro-forma Purchase Order. Ideally my customer should be able to save their current order as a "PO Clone". for reorder which would cut down their ordering time. If they can't edit and delete a "saved" Pro-forma PO, they will be annoyed and confused.
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    Bart Crane
    Also, the ability to modify a saved cart by adding new items seems to be missing.
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    Joshua Artman
    Isn't this already done?

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