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Allow A Display Name or Alternate Name in place of Variant Group Names (22)


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    We have wanted this since signing on with AC. As it stands, if our store has products from multiple vendors (brands), having a universal "Color" variant group doesn't work if we also want to use the footer, header, description html/text feature customized for every brand. Example: Brand A uses Variant Group 'Color - BrandA' with Custom Public Description and Header HTML. Brand B uses Variant Group 'Color - BrandB' with separate Custom Public Description and Header HTML than that of BrandA. This HAS to be repeated for each and every brand with a 'color' variant, each needing its own text/html. All of this duplication of Variant Groups needlessly creates a cart/receipt full long-winded Variant Group Names. For us, Global Variants or Variant Kits would also solve our dilemma.
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