• Official comment
    Jack Cravy

    Coinbase Commerce now available in 2021.3!


    It's a new world folks

  • js
    Yes, please make this happen ASAP! This will save everyone a ton of money and headaches with international payments/high processing fees/chargebacks. Lots of people out there have Bitcoins and are looking to spend them!
  • Jason Larson
    Would love to see this happen. I've implemented a custom payment option on our americommerce store and already received 2 orders within the first week of having it up and we don't even advertise it yet. Right now I simply send them a payment address and amount after order if it was integrated I think it could really help sales.
  • Armando Perez
    Tigerdirect is now accepting Bitcoin. is now accepting bitcoin. I read that Starbucks will be accepting bitcoin this quarter. Im trying to find a workaround so I can accept bitcoin on my store, but it would be much easier if AC would implement it with one of the many bitcoin merchant account providers. If you're concerned about what happened to silkroad that happened because they were dealing in illicit contraband, not because of bitcoin. They would have been shut down if they were trading dollars too. Think of how many companies are closed or seized every day who operate in cash or credit cards, yet we all accept those forms of payment.
  • Teresa Murphy
    Likewise. Looking into it. Want to be not be behind the curve on this. Would like it as a payment processor option.
  • Danny Louie
    Looking into this option as well. Want to see integration with BitPay similar to what Shopify offers. Basically just insert the API key from BitPay into the payment gateway settings in our cart software.
  • Pere Hospital
    Any option of getting a comment from anyone on Americommerce about this?. Integrating bitpay or coinbase should be pretty straightforward and just having zero feedback from you about it is frustrating.
  • Tim Wagner
    Here is my vote to integrate Coinbase!
  • Tim Wagner
    Braintree looks like a great way to accept Bitcoin and integrates with Coinbase - as Thomas Payne famously said, Lead, Follow, or get out of the way!
  • Anonymous
    BitPay please
  • AmeriCommerce Developer

    [push to ideas channel]

  • Clayton P


    7 years now and nothing...  Come on AC, give us this ability!!


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