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Allow import / export of custom url for attributes (67)




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    Edward Sturrock
    Congrats everyone, this is now done and will be part of 2014.2 as part of a full attribute import where you can import all of the other stuff about attributes as well. As a bonus, we added Manufacturer as well so all data including custom urls is importable for the manufacturers list too. We are contemplating moving it back to 2014.1 which we are rolling out right now just to get it to you faster. Thanks for keeping us posted on your needs and we hope this helps! Happy selling!
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    Nicholas Santini
    I know for a fact that this would save me countless hours of work. It would also make AmeriCommerce more convenient for those who make changes/updates frequently.
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    this would be very convenient
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    Teresa Murphy
    Yes, please. The unending tedious data entry is so painful.
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    Nicholas Santini
    Thank you Teresa! I'm glad someone understands where I'm coming from. Don't get me wrong, I think Americommerce is great and offers a lot of features that other eCommerce platforms & software don't. I just don't like how data entry that has the potential to take very little time to enter (if Americommerce's awesome team decides to develop a feature like this) turns into hours of monotonous work.
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    Teresa Murphy
    Oh thank you, too. I feel like I have to add, that if the developers had to spend one day in our shoes on the backend, things would change overnight. I'm a smart person with a LOT of work to do to support my stores and I waste a lot of time on unnecessary grunt work. It's embarrassing to explain to my partners why it takes me so long to add new lines or products or make across the board changes to some things. I guess I've been thinking that dang, am I the only one that has the kind of store that is dynamic with a mountain of variants and variant inventory and a ton of photos and a lot of attributes? And yet, I also love AC and appreciate the features and functions. There are just some things are that built well functionally from engineer's perspective and not enough consideration on productivity of use. I have a list of those things as I'm sure we all do. And of course, I would rather have the functions and features than not have them at all, that's for certain. The front-end matters more than the back-end, but we'd sell more sooner if we could work faster and better. And more sales sooner is a win/win for everyone. I would LOVE it if everyone on the team had to go out in the field and spend time with their customers for a day as we use the system. Now, there's an idea! I think once every six months would be perfect and what a great selling point that would make for them! Old school meets high tech. But, in the meantime, I plod away on the backend because it's still the best thing out there!

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