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Add functionality that determines if a navigation link is the active page (6)




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    Edward Sturrock
    We track activity and apply the active class below to the elements.
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    This functionality is possible with a little modification to your Menu's html. if you add the following: class="$$LINKCLASS$$" to the links ( tags) in both phDDLINK and phNoDDLink. This will add the "ControlLink_LinkActive" class to the link that is currently active. You can then style this via CSS.
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    Please give an example of how to style this exactly in css. I added the class to both links and tried to styling the active link but can't get it work.
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    If you have followed the instructions in my previous comment, the CSS is very simple. .ControlLink_Link { some:style; } .ControlLink_LInkActive { some:otherstyle; }
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    Dino Talamini
    Hi Ryan, I got this to work finally. There was something else overriding the .ControlLink_LInkActive styling... 2 points though: 1. say you click on a subpage, say for example "Clothes" in "Shop Online". Is there a way to highlight the parent page "Shop Online" ? 2. "Home" is not highlghted, (Since the code is probably looking for "Home" instead of "/")

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