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    Can you provide some more info on what you're wanting to embed?
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    I'm not that familiar with the limitations of Muse but it seems like you can use our standard embed tools and insert the generated HTML into your Muse project.
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    Steve Hull
    Muse works in it's own language (shall I say) when when your "publish" it translates everything to HTML if not using the Adobe hosting. Muse is very cool for non-programers (i.e. most merchants) but adobe has been a little slow to expand some of the practical things. Muse was a surprise to Abobe, as it has become one of it's fastest growing programs. You may want to publish as HTML copy and paste to wordpad (Dreamweaver would be better) first then paste into americommerce Embed html areas . But not sure if some of the cool stuff work perfectly. A Muse upload would be great but: A) not sure enough users yet and B) not sure AC is looking to expand non-programers/merchants building the pages because if will require support/ from time to time. They seem to prefer moving more custom work in-house. If it is just text and a few pictures wysiwyg and embed works well.

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