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Improve Business Efficency - Give us back the Old Admin (3)

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    Edward Sturrock
    We genuinely apologize for the changes that may not work for some. We are actively working to streamline anything that requires more effort. In our usability tests and device tests the changes made for new admin were a step up for most, not all cases, and we intend to continue improving the experience. We really did try our best to make this as smooth as possible, we learned a lot while doing it too. There were a few losses but most were balanced against the gains in other productivity features like more mass options, faster rendering, consistent interface, multiple device compatibility/mobility and hundreds of more that was put in. The actual speed of pages and the rendering of them in the browser are dramatically faster in every case because the pages are lighter weight and built for speed as evidenced by load time tracking across all customers. We’ve reached out for specific feedback of what we could make better and faster and welcome and want those ideas. We’ve already put in dozens of them and intend to keep ramping up the pace of these changes now that we are fully upgraded to the new experience. We left the old admin in place for 9 months longer to ease the transition and we did our best to work everyone’s ideas into a workable solution and we continue to iterate and put new speed features in. We need to do a rare thing here and decline the feature request to give an option to keep the old admin because we are not able to maintain multiple distinct interfaces and codebases at the pace we operate. We hope everyone understands that would have security, usability and support ramifications. Thanks everyone for reaching out with your perspectives and ideas. Keep them coming!

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