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Global Pricing Update, Set Store-Wide Prices, Daily Specials, Increase Prices (7)


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    Andrew Uhacz
    One thing I noticed is when you go to set the markup it on gives you the option of adding a percentage. Now I noticed that if I put a (-) in front of the number that it did subtract that but the drop down should say adding, subtracting (discount). I like this feature and think it will do what I want but it's so advanced that most users even myself at first glance don't exactly know what your trying to accomplish. It just needs to be more precise and if possible have the options to able to be setup on 1 screen and not 3. (.*) This works great for all products but really what I would want is collection / category specific. SUGGESTION: Applies to Item Numbers/SKUs...Also having the ability to search as you do when creating the menu would be nice. Not having to lookup the product sku / number.
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