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Display variants that are backordered (28)



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    Peggy Frazier
    I am using the back ordered status for my variants - the variants are still being displayed however when the used selects a size the message above changes to back ordered. You have to have the merge code $$AVAILABILITY$$ for the status to be displayed. I use the drop down for variants. I like the idea of the variant being greyed out with a comment of back ordered beside it!
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    Michael Fahrenbruch
    Peggy - that's odd. I put in the $$AVAILABILITY$$ Merge, and the backordered variants still aren't showing. We use the radio buttons for variants instead of the drop down. I wonder if that is why they behave differently. Thanks for the tip though.
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    Jeremy Roberts
    Yes, this is obvious. Colors may be backordered, but they must be displayed and an opportunity for the customer to add to wishlist or initiate a back-=in-stock reminder. Is there another way to accomplish this?
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    Jeremy Roberts
    As a manufacturer, it is unusual that we are ever backordered or out of stock… but thankfully, we’ve had a very successful product and we will be be backordered on it for about 2 weeks. And another product also looks like some of the colors are going to be backordered coming up… WHY am I telling you this? Because: a) the in-stock/out-of-stock/backorder ($$AVAILABILITY$$) is not working with variants — everything is always “in stock! b) “notify-me”, and back-in-stock notification system is totally BUSTED when it comes to variants. I just spoke with David… he said I am doing everything right in my product and system settings… - Enable variant level inventory control for a product with variants (colors) - Set one variant to “Out Of Stock” - "Out of Stock” status is set in the settings to “unavailable" WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: 1. Customer sees the variant option in dropdown list and variant swatch image - but variant swatch image should have an “out of stock” flag; 2. If customer clicks on variant swatch or selects a variant option, a “We’re sorry, this COLOR (or whatever the variant name is) is out of stock; 3. The $$AVAILABILITY$$ mergecode should reflect the status; 4. The “Notify Me” system should kick in $$NOTIFYME$$ From a merchandising perspective, the customer should ALWAYS see all colors or sizes - and if a variant is out of stock, let the system offer the customer a notify-me link, and use the built-in back-in-stock notification system (which is pretty great). REMOVING a color or size only tells the customer to shop somewhere else, and we lose this customer. Period. This MUST be fixed!!!! CURRENTLY, If a product is marked “out of stock” the item variant is REMOVED from the option pull-down (but the variant color swatch still displays - this is VERY confusing to the customer) IF we sell an item in 10 colors, and 4 are out of stock, it makes NO SENSE to remove the colors, because the 4 out of stock colors could be coming back in tomorrow. WE NEED the “notify me” system to be enabled for variants immediately!!! I had no idea this function was broken, and I would have been screaming about this months ago, had I realized this. This is VERY BAD merchandising until this is fixed. NOT showing colors or sizes that are out of stock or backordered is a poor UX choice. Please throw all-hands on this… customers typically go elsewhere if the color or size they want is not available. But we can keep them in our eco-system if we know they want a back-in-stock notification.
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    Kristen Eggers
    This would be a VERY helpful addition and I completely agree that it is an essential feature.

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