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    Attributes should be handled on one page (without having to save/click new/sort separately) and should have a lot more functionality. Adding and removing and merging attributes in Excel is too difficult. Also attributes should be able to be used in the menu navigation. This meta data is critical to be handled efficiently and quickly.
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    Ryan Allen
    Attributes should be handled like CategoryListIDs where you can upload & export them by the AttributeID. This would make them easier to manage. Example do this 123|456|789 instead of Brand~Armstrong~~True|Size~12x12~~False|Color~Black~~False
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    Shaun Farol

    Definitely. The way Americommerce handles Attributes is fine for very small stores with very little inventory but it becomes seriously unfriendly when you have a lot of items and you are trying to keep your metadata and attributes in order.

    Even using the CSV to edit your inventory, due to the way it is formatted using text rather than IDs, updating attributes is especially unfriendly to mass editing. I really like Ryan's suggestion of possibly using AttributeIDs to make them easier to manage.

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