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Allow non registered customers to see shipping rates. (4)



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    AmeriCommerce Developer
    Hey Ed, This sounds like a setup issue of some sort. If your custom shipping methods are based on Customer Types, you may be able to set the "Default Customer Type Price Level" setting for non-logged in customers. This setting is available in Settings > Catalog > General. Ryan
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    Ken Mendelson
    Hi Ed, I agree with Ryan that you should be able to set that up as we did. I do however second your request to add "Non Registered" or "Guest" (default) as a unique customer group since this becomes a huge challenge when attempting to exclude a default group from a shipping rule. If you know how to dig into the code on various pages you can also place brief explanations or notices to your customers explaining your flat rate shipping. I've found that with several stores I've run that a customer who will abandon at checkout due to shipping will just as often not even proceed to checkout if told of a shipping charge up front. Sometimes it is better to drive them to checkout first and at least attempt to close the sale, then if they abandon follow up with an abandoned cart email.
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