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Inventory control with failed/canceled orders



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    AmeriCommerce Developer


    Thanks for the community post!

    I tested just now, and when I change an order to the `Order Canceled` order status, the item's inventory is incremented accordingly. If I put the order back into `Pending Approval` the inventory is decremented by the quantity ordered as expected. 

    That being said, a credit decline does not count as as a canceled order by default. The default order status for credit declines is `Credit Declined` which does not have the `Order Canceled` flag checked. If you like, you can edit the order status in Settings > Orders > Order Status > Credit Declined, and check `Canceled` -- this will make this order status trigger inventory adjustments accordingly. 

    Another option would be to change the `Remove from Inventory When` setting in Settings > Catalog to `Paid`; this will make it so that inventory is only removed when you mark an order payment as approved. 

    If that doesn't help, we'll need to go ahead and make you a support ticket so that we can gather more information and work to resolve the inventory issue. 

    -- Austin
    AmeriCommerce Support

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    Jeff Campbell


    After testing this it seems that putting the Order in Cancel Order Status should return the items back to the available inventory.

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    Wendy Zak

    I can solidly confirm that canceling an order DOES NOT return stock back into inventory.

    It's absolutely no wonder my inventory numbers have been getting completely out of whack every so often.

    I have my store set to remove inventory as soon as the order is submitted. I cannot set inventory control to remove inventory when payment is received because much of my inventory is limited and a number of my customers use delayed payment methods (think eChecks).

    I just received two payment declined orders with more than 50 items between the two of them that now have to be manually put back into inventory. Is there something better to deal with situations like this? Are there any AC techs that can answer or look into this?

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    Wendy Zak

    Thank you so much for your input Austin!

    As I mentioned in my previous post, it would make my life easier if I could post inventory control at payment, but because some of my customers use delayed payment methods, if I don't take the limited inventory items out of inventory when the order is placed instead of when it is paid for, I risk having inventory still available for purchase for several days while the delayed payment is processing and overselling certain items.

    Which is why I feel I need to have inventory count reduced at the moment an order is placed, even if payment hasn't been received yet. That way, best case scenario I don't oversell and worst case scenario if payment doesn't complete I should be able to just cancel the order and inventory should adjust for the items on the order.

    What happened earlier this week was a customer had second thoughts about her purchase. Not once, but twice. She placed her first order for $60+ dollars (the entire order was limited qty inventory) but when she transferred over to Paypal's website for payment, she changed her mind. She had already clicked Confirm Order on my website, so the order went through, but because she didn't complete the payment on the Paypal website, the order came through with a Payment Processing status. The Payment Processing flag is set to Open.

    Immediately after clicking off the Paypal website without making the payment on the first order, she came back to my website and placed a second order for $40+. Again, the entire order was for limited availability inventory. But her first order had already tied up (sold out) some of the inventory she really wanted so she had to place a smaller order for different items. For some reason, she clicked Confirm Order on my website again, was taken to Paypal's website to complete payment and then changed her mind again! So the order came through my system in Payment Processing status (Open). Once again, tying up the limited inventory.

    So, let's this take this ride again... she clicks off the PayPal website without making payment on the second order. She comes back to my website a 3rd time. She places yet another order. Now her pickings are very slim because her two previous orders are holding a ton of inventory that is now no longer available for purchase. This third order is for $30+ and as in previous circumstances, contains all limited quantity inventory. But this time, she completes payment!!! Stellar! 

    So, I went into the back end and checked to see what items had actually been taken out (sold out) of inventory on her first two orders so I could check to see that they were put back into inventory when I canceled her orders. The order flag on my Canceled Order status is set to Canceled. So I canceled both of her Payment Processing orders and then checked inventory on the specific items that had been taken out of inventory and they were all still set to 0 in stock with a status of Out Of Stock.

    So, unless there is another setting that I am missing, setting my orders to Canceled does not put sold inventory back into stock.

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    Kathy Sechrist

    quoting Austin:
    "edit the order status in Settings > Orders > Order Status > Credit Declined, and check `Canceled` -- this will make this order status trigger inventory adjustments accordingly. "

    This looks promising, but sometimes a customer will call us after credit is declined and we'll run a different card for them on the order. What would happen to inventory in this case - would it be taken out again?  (We have set to remove from inventory when order is placed because we also have situations where payment is delayed - remove from inventory when paid will not work for us)


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