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    Clayton P

    The outage from last night and this morning is the PERFECT reason to get this done.

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    John Robson

    They don't need another reason to get this done, it should have been done a decade ago like ALL of their competitors.

    And "unscheduled maintenance from our data center" - You think? There's always some excuse for why our site goes down, but most their clients are in the dark anyway so they don't even know it happened during THE busiest shopping time of the year.

    Unscheduled maintenance, that's laughable since if someone was doing maintenance, YOU obviously knew about it, but FAILED to inform your clients.

    That's a BIG F in my book! If we used the same lame excuses Americommerce uses, we wouldn't have any customers! The ONLY way to show you care is to CREDIT your clients for your complete failure to serve them otherwise you will NEVER learn as you still haven't.

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