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Enable Attributes/Tags on Search Results (35)



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    Steven Howland
    Attribute tags should also be available when viewing a manfacturer.
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    Justin Magnan
    Attribute tags should also be search engine friendly! Right now they are not and you have to use a 'nofollow' so they don't get indexed and seen as duplicate content if spidered.
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    Abraham Lugassy
    Must have feature.. right now it's simply impossible to filter search results.
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    This needs to happen. The only Spark Pay sites that have decent attributes are using 3rd party extensions. No excuse for not having the attributes show up in seach, where they are the most useful.
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    I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed in the 9 years this request has been up.

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    Joshua Artman

    I agree with Joel that I am surprised that this has not been tackled.  It is a very important feature of any product search and is, in my opinion, the biggest deficit to the current search.

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