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Dynamic SEO friendly Multiple Category Drop Down Navigation (37)




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    AmeriCommerce Accounting Team
    It seems that you can do this by just changing the root category to the level you want to render from, then add another category node and pick it's level and do that for as many as you need.
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    Justin Magnan
    Hi Carty, wow, you responded 3 months ago, but because I wasn't registered I didn't get an update. Anyway, if there is any documentation on this? I don't see how it could work, it would be an amazing feature and would solve a lot of the navigation problems we are having. Please let me know how to follow up/find out more, etc. Help would be appreciated.
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    Justin Magnan
    Hey everyone, I got a quote to make this a feature. Does anyone want to share the cost? It could be done right away 4-6 hours @$175. If not, I will probably do a custom snap-in that is far cheaper, but not able to be used by everyone.
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    Justin, do you have an example of what you are trying to accomplish? I may want to pursue a feature similar to this if you have not already done so. Ideally, I would like to have a dynamically populated hover dropdown menu that has multiple columns instead of the flyout structure that is everywhere.
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    Our new Category Filter snapin accomplishes this request. It will let you filter down categories such as Year > Make > Model etc. You make your first selection which then populates the second dropdown with all subcategories of the first and so on. It is user settable as to the number of levels to filter. It also supports filtering those categories down by attributes

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