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    Edward Sturrock
    Alex makes great points and all of what Scott said is true also. It’s great to see discussions taking shape – thank you! Alex, I really do appreciate your concern and comments. You can email me personally and let me know some of your specific pain points and let me see if I can get some traction addressing them, ed@ will get right to me. We can discuss target customers, etc. so this thread in particular stays about the blogging feature. In truth, blogging has been on our radar for quite a while, myself and Ryan (LUMarket, one of our team members), posted this feature request in 2010 to see if it was a concern for our customers – and it just hasn’t had much discussion. For us, though, it’s been a concern that we’ve bandied for many of the points you’ve already mentioned. We even intimately tested your suggestion based on your feedback and got Wordpress proxying working to make it act like it was on the main website based on an internal idea as we circled for the perfect solution. As for “indirect to the sale”, I fear I used our internal vocabulary and it came across poorly and really not at all what I meant. My indirect statement was just a classification we run things under, ‘direct to sale’, ‘indirect to sale’ and ‘tangent to the sale’. Direct meaning, if I don’t have feature X, it doesn’t matter if 1 million people came to my site an hour, I couldn’t sell them my widget. Indirect meaning, it will help me sell by bringing new traffic or people back to my site or allow me to properly convey my message. Tangent meaning the obvious non-sales related type of things. We try to exceed expectations on ‘direct to sale’ features, provide as many ‘indirect to sale’ features as possible and are very careful when accepting tangent to sale requests. Income producing activities (IPAs) are what we chase the most for our customers and both ‘direct to sale’ and ‘indirect to sale’ fit that bill the closest. I do hope you’ll see our progress on this topic as a good thing and I welcome any feedback that can help. I understand the criticisms and can appreciate your frustration, we really are listening and trying to address our communities top concerns. Our company timeline shows we are a fast moving company feature wise and by no means stagnant but also shows the truth too, we were still pretty small in 2010 and through 2011 we were a growing company and dedicated crew steadily gaining ground on competitors. We are really sorry we haven’t won you over Alex and I hope by focusing on this feature and others we feel are in the best interests of all of our merchants we can win you back to our side.
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    Stephen Harvey
    If my understanding of how things work is applicable, there are many more people who will read - and most likely agree with - what's been posted, but will never comment. I'm a relatively new Americommerce user, like the platform, and would find a blog (even a basic one) VERY valuable. Providing a place for more informal customer feedback, give and take with my customers, posting customer pictures (wearing my products), announcing new additions and specials... these are all the things a blog can do best. Having this incorporated into the cart would be great. I look forward to the addition. Just adding my .02 cents.
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    Edward Sturrock
    Small iterative update: We just added full comment notifications for the store owners and the actual blog posters in 2013.5+! Each recipient gets a notification to foster collaboration and discussion. They can unsubscribe from the posts if they wish. In the event that moderation is enabled for the blog, notifications to other commenters will not be sent until the post is approved in the admin console. In 2013.5+, we also put in a Question and Answer widget so you can start answering questions on products, pages, etc. publicly for even more SEO juice. Happy selling!!!

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