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  • Edward Sturrock
    I like Disqus because it's mature, free and has social network tieins. Another idea is just having a Product Question and Answer snapin that is moderated and very similar to our review system. http://vote.americommerce.com/forums/25843-feature-ideas/suggestions/289215-product-questions-answers-snapin
  • george
    Only valuable if this is picked up for seo - google
  • Mark Washburn
    Ed...this is a follow up on using Disqus for a Q & A application in AC. Disqus looks like it would work for this just fine. However I investigated a service from rating-system.com and Iike how the Q & A component works. I don't need ratings/reviews because that's built into AC. But you can see how the Q & A looks on this page. http://www.pondalgaecontrol.com/ss100.shtml What I liked about this is that I can set up the Q & A form with tags to cover certain products on the site. For instance all ultrasound pages will have associated questions and answers, as would aerators, or any category. This works well for providing useful and related info and only doing it once. The tradeoffs are that this form is in java so it's not for seo...and would probably be regarded as duplicate content if it were. But I like how this looks and works overall and wanted to share it just in case you guys were still working on something for AC.

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