Allow for qty disc., using "if" and "or". (19)



  • Toni Incorvaia
    The software does not allow for cross category or sub-category quantity discounts. This needs to be reviewed and added in the Global Settings for Discounts.
  • Kathy Sechrist
    YES! I was just trying to create a quantity discount rule that would give a 10% discount if you bought 10 or more items from a specific category. Sadly, the way it works now the closest thing I can do is give a 10% discount on any item in that category, but the requirement for purchasing 10 or more applies to the whole store, not just the category (eg - they can buy 9 items from other categories, 1 item from the category I'm discounting, and the cart will give the 10% discount on that one item).
  • Daniel
    This is a good project, but I feel it falls short of all the work that needs to be done in the "discount method" realm. If you extend this project to include other discount short falls I may be inclined to vote for this project. IE. Calculate discounts per item in shopping cart, allow buy 3 get 1's (and the like), allow shipping discounts on individual items, allow checking of which rules are required and which aren't for method application, just to name a few. - Please review my project for Americommerce Improvement -
  • Kathy Sechrist
    We need: - "total number matched items" in discount rules (with ability to choose category or individual items) - "total dollars matched items" in discount rules (with ability to choose category or individual items) - then to allow the "buy one get one free" types of promotions something would have to be added to the discount actions - perhaps a way to discount ONE matched item vs. ALL matched items? eg. total number matched items = 2 ; discount action = subtract 100% from 1 matched item This would allow a lot more flexibility in promotions and would let us give away free or discounted items when certain conditions are met without the need to create new part numbers (which messes up my accounting and inventory control).
  • Katelyn
    Agree. This is needed. I have been wanting to do a Buy 2 Get 1 Free. But no such luck.
  • Donny Cryer
    Most of what's required for this already exists in the discount system. In other words, you can already match by manufacturer or category and multiply by the number of matched items. What's missing is the ability to require a minimum number of those items before the discount is applied. Currently, you can require a minimum number of "total items" or "unique items", but that's insufficient. Using my first example, if I set "manufacturer in the cart (multiplied)" to "X-Brand" and "total items" to 3, the customer can just buy 1 "X-Brand" item along with 2 other items and still get a discount on the 1 "X-Brand" item required by the code. The resolution would be a Rule Type called "total matched items", which would only count the number of items matched by the other requirements of the code. This would allow me to set "manufacturer in the cart (multiplied)" to "X-Brand" and "total matched items" to 3, and the discount would work properly.

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