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Convert abandoned cart to manual order (167)



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    Tim Wagner
    Outstanding idea, we have the same issue!
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    Heather Hicks
    I do this by logging into their account and accessing their shopping cart, but it's kind of a long process for doing while on the phone. I'm voting for an easier way!
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    Joshua Artman
    I agree that the method Heather uses can work, but that method requires: 1) that a customer creates a login and is logged in before we can help them 2) that they reveal their login information to us for us to be able to access their account. Customers tend to be reluctant to reveal login information. We have the ability to look at cart contents of abandoned carts, I think it would be much more useful and more professional if we had the ability to just turn a abandoned or active cart into a manual order.
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    Steelcase Store Team
    I am wondering if this functionality technically already exists? If you go to the admin reports page -> Abandoned Carts -> Find their cart and view contents -> Scroll all the way down, there is a "Save Cart" button. *Sometimes* this button works for me, sometimes not to take me to a cart, full of the customer's selections.
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    Brett Wakefield
    This makes so much sense! Don't know why it hasn't been implemented yet.
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    Ryan Hipp
    I 100% agree
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    Marvin Hankins
    This is a standard feature with 3DCart and very handy
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    Steve Hull
    Please note the first comment about this was over 4 years ago.
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    Donny Cryer
    This is a prime example of how this feature request site is a joke. This was requested in 2010 and has been a top request for YEARS and still hasn't been addressed. The feature request page is just used as a diversion tactic by customer support when they are too lazy to implement a feature that should already exist.
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    Andrew Uhacz
    I want the ability to take control of their computer with their permission and finish the order up until the payment section.
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    Marvin Hankins

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