Create Native iOS & Android App for Report/Order/Customer Viewing (50)



  • Janet Gregoire
    Being able to see this information on my iPhone would be extremely helpful while out of the office!
  • Steelcase Store Team
    A good HTML5 mobile web app would probably work as well.
  • Lena Brown
    I currently have an etsy shop and they offer an app for sellers with the order information / notifications. It is a great tool and I can't live without it. I'd like to use an iphone app with my americommerce shop as well. I really, really need it. It makes pulling inventory much easier by using my phone rather than printing out each individual order.
  • Paul Ackley
    These comments below are 2-3 years old and this still isn't done? AmeriCommerce needs to get with the times.
  • Kevin Burns
    I currently use BigCommerce and in process of moving to Americommerce and would like to see this as an option as well. BigCommerce currently has an app that lets you fulfill orders
  • Sam S Daniel

    Right! App would be perfect!


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