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Control Permissions On Multi-Stores (40)




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    Edward Sturrock
    This can be done already using multistore security, there are a few limitations but customers, orders, etc. are supported. Some things sit outside of the store context and are not supported for a user that is narrowed down to a particular store. This article may help you set it up
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    Valenzuela Smith
    Oh My God. This has been one of wish list items for two years. It would help us with the multi-store partners we have, for whom we now do manual reporting so we don't share their financial data with other partners!!! It's one of our biggest challenges.
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    Margo Gover
    This would automate the entire process for B2B customers who require approval for orders prior to shipping. The work flow would be reduced on the backend manually approving. The customer owns the approval at that point also. 90% of our clients require a higher authority for approval of all orders. This would cut cost down on our back end. Such a cost saving feature. Also - automatically link the approver to their group. This will eliminate different regions seeing the other regions' purchases, which is sometimes problematic in a B2B environment- national client setting. Love to see this as an option. Anne - is is a huge challenge navigating through all the different orders forwarding orders by email to get approved, then sending off to administration to approve/ ship order in system.
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    Margo Gover
    Anne you are so right. This will automate many businesses. I have export and them filter the file to give the client the necessary information. To be able to give the appropriate permission to your client and that client only see their group, would be extrodanary for us and the client. They like have control of their information without having to having to rely on someone to get the info. They like to gather the information when their calendar allows. By doing this, it becomes a more customer friendly environment, both for Americommerce and for our clients. Hopefully more support will run this way by our fellow Americommerce Community members.
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    Why things outside of the store context should be narrowed down for user with setting of particular store? You already have all permission settings for global access. Why it can't work together?

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