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Accomodate customers w/o e-mail addresses (67)




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    Shayne Martin
    This feature has been completed and is available on most stores already. For more information on how to use this, please read the following article If you store does not include this feature in its current version, please contact support to request an update.
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    We are in agreement that a better solution is needed. Our current method is to enter the customername@oursecondarydomain for the email address. It still amazes me that people either don't have email, or refuse to share it. We typically ask if they simply are not sharing and then talk to them. We find customers from an 'older' generation are the ones without email.
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    Michael Kline
    were using the, a domain that I own so that the emails go nowhere as well. Some of our customers choose not to have internet but we still need to have their orders go through our website.
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    Vcom IMC
    I agree completely.. its sooo annoying and gives us countless 'undeliverable' messages
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    Vic DeVore
    We receive phone orders several times per day, and we are using an special "noemail@" account. But, there are some special considerations that we have had to make with that customer account to ensure compatibility with Interapptive ShipWorks - it was printing the actual customer name incorrectly on packing slips and shipping labels. We have now named the noemail@ account "Valued Customer".
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    Margo Gover
    an account number would work with the domain name in it to make it specific to that customer only. start at 1001001m2k and the counter continues to count as you add new customers. If there are sub accounts for these customers then give and alpha at the front to rep the company for example apple computers - would be app1001001m2k-1 for division one of apple computer customer 1. This would solve many issues. I have companies that do not issue their employees emails specific to that individual therefore it is impossible to set up without the bogus email. It would be easily download as a report as the account number for each company - and their sub accounts. One more thing, then you could fix the email holding all the info and then merge any duplicate associates that may have happened to get entered from phone / then web orders. Then an administrator's email of large client could be assigned to several their entire company or hubs making communication of approval of orders and notifications of shipping etc... much easier. Now I have to pull down report / then sort/ then e mail out/ then call up orders to invoice print to pdf send by email the pdf file with all the order for approval. This is a work around but very complicated. So all this would solve the no email as the account holder.
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    Shawn Swisher
    Any chance the generate button could be added to the new order page as well? Usually, you find out a phone customer has no email address when you are entering the order.
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    Ed Buch
    Thanks for adding this feature. It is very helpful; or at least has the potential to be helpful. I agree with Shawn - we really need this "GENERATE" button on the order page because invariably that's where I am when I find the customer has no email address.
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    Ricardo Gomez

    this was added but what about a way to specify the domain name for the auto-generated emails? So we can change it from to anything we want.

    Or better yet, if the domain name is "" Americommerce to ignore the email triggering actions.

    Doesn't make sense to send an email to a non-working mailbox, this seems like a simple fix

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