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affiliate program multi-tier interface to customer records (9)

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    It would be even better if the affiliate program could include the ability to manage affiliate compensation on a per product basis.... a sort of "master over-ride" for products that you want to compensate affiliates for at a different rate than the "standard".
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    Edward Sturrock
    For granular control and many in depth features needed specifically for affiliate programs, we also recommend exploring ShareASale and LinkShare. We support their tracking format via merges placed on the checkout and order confirmation pages. They have multiple levels and many other features that only a company focusing on affiliates can provide. I believe Commission Junction will work too These networks also add a bit of 3rd party validation to your affiliate program as well. Many affiliates prefer to be paid through a network than from a one off program created by the store owner themselves because they see the payout management as a conflict of interest for the store owner. Additionally, these affiliate networks have thousands of affiliates on them already waiting to place your ads. With that said, we do believe these are both excellent ideas (possibly each deserving their own vote separately) and will be watching them closely to see where the community wants us to take our piece of the ecommerce puzzle.

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