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    Edward Sturrock
    As of the new admin console, related products are bidirectional, so once you relate them one way, they are related the other way too. You can make it 1 directional by relating it via an upsell. The new admin also exposes fast searching for related items.
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    1/ It would be very handy if we could also 'reverse' the process for adding related products. Let me explain: At the moment the process is: Open Product 'A' in the product editor Select the related products tab Search for products and add product 'C' 'F' and 'T' as related products for product 'A' But what if we want to add the new product itself as a related item to 30 existing products in the database? It's a very time consuming job to open 30 individual products in the product editor to make the new product a related item for each one of those 30 products as I have outlined above. I am suggesting an additional method to set related items: Open Product 'A' in the product editor Within the 'related items' tab there could be an option/area: "make this item the related product of [these items]" - You could then search/add product numbers as required. This could also help solve the problem associated with 'discontinued/obsolete' products that have been set as related products. At the moment these 'dead products' remain attached/related to live 'parent' products. - Using the new process the 'parent item' numbers could be also be 'cloned' when a replacement product is created - thus eliminating the need to 'reattach' the new item to the 30 'parent items'. 2/ Related Products tab should be updated to use 'ajax' product lookup - no more need for page refreshes to add/remove related products. 3/ A 'select all' checkbox to remove all related products from an item at once.
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    Jim Girling
    Very time consuming! The related item, did you consider, may we suggest up-sell option is industry standard. Unfortunately, the AC interface makes it almost impossible to implement it easily. Adding 0ne related item to 20 SKU's is a nightmare. Is there not a simple work around?
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    Jim Girling
    Good suggestion NGB! Another option is the ability to add the item to all items in a category.
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    I'm giving this some votes. @Jim, Once you add the related item to one item you can do a product export and copy/paste the field to whatever other items you'd like to relate that product to. All of a related item's settings also export into the field.

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