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Show Stock Availability on Shopping Cart Page (15)



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    Edward Sturrock
    I had someone test locally with ##PRODUCTSTATUS## and it shows on shopping cart, you can add this merge in and it should show the status you need.
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    Amy Gardner
    This is becoming an increasingly time-consuming issue for us. We really need the stock status of the product to show up on the Shopping Cart Page. Is anyone else having similar issues with this problem? If so, how do you handle it?
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    Jeff Owens
    Edward ... we also tried using ##PRODUCTSTATUS## on the Shopping Cart page, but the merge does not work for variants as it should. We discovered that while this merge DOES WORK correctly on the Product Details page whenever you selected a variant (it shows that variant's availability status CORRECTLY as expected), it DOES NOT WORK on the Shopping Cart page. Instead, it shows only the availability status of the parent product -- NOT of the actual variant line item the customer added/displayed in the cart. Frustrating... This seems like a bug(ish) issue ... but regardless should really be a baseline feature of the cart system since it already partial works in the AC framework AND has a high value factor for us as storefront owners as per Amy's original post and follow-up. We're less encouraged by the timeframes in which Features get implemented via upvoting and would hope that this would be something AC could take on regardless and fix sooner than later considering it doesn't work as documented. Thanks for the consideration!
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    Jeff Owens
    Anyone have any comments / info on this as it says it is "Under Review" ...?
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    Amy Gardner
    This merge code ##PRODUCTSTATUS## does seem to work on the shopping cart page now. (I'm not sure about the variants issue mentioned below though.) Is there a merge code to get the product status to show up on the invoice, packing slip and customer emails too?

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